Aerobel, a UK company specialising in realtime visuals systems, has been awarded the contract for the realtime visuals databases of Amsterdam airport Schiphol and the surrounding area.

Siemens & SGI won this challenging contract to provide the visual system for the National Aerospace Laboratory NLR new Tower Research Simulator in the face of stiff competition.

The Tower Research Simulator:
- provides a highly realistic visual environment as controller workload issues and new support tools are examined
- enables realtime imagery & replay of an incident from the pilot’s and controller’s viewpoint
- supports the assessment of major developments at the airport.

The visual system will have a 135 degree field of view Barco LCD projected display, a Silicon Graphics Onyx2 Infinite Reality image generator and Aerobel’s high fidelity, geospecific terrain database covering 1600km2. The Simulator will be amongst the most advanced & flexible in Europe.

The Silicon Graphics Onyx2, with its high bandwidth ccNUMA architecture, combines supercomputing and visualisation technologies to process 3D graphics, 2D imaging and video data in realtime.

Aerobel has recently delivered high fidelity, geospecific terrain databases covering over 1000km2 & 2500km2 in Norway & UK, respectively for combined arms applications.

On winning this competition, Nicholas Wrobel, Aerobel’s Managing Director said:

“Aerobel has demonstrated that, through collaboration, a group of companies have provided an innovative, low risk and value-for-money solution which meets the Customer’s very demanding requirements.

This ATC Simulator is amongst the most advanced in the world and the contract award has confirmed Aerobel’s position as one of Europe’s leading Vis Sim companies.

Aerobel now has a wide range of proven & affordable, off-the-shelf products. The company’s ability to achieve performance with lower cost hardware has at last become a key differentiator.

This recent success demonstrates Aerobel’s ability to offer Customers the most cost-effective visual solution

For further information, contact:

Dorian Gearey
Aerobel Project Manager/ATC Simulator

Tel: +44-(0)20-8336 1733
Fax: +44-(0)20-8942-8909

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